Preventative Maintenance

Let Us Care for Your Equipment – With a Preventive Maintenance Contract (PMC), we’ll keep track of when your refrigeration or HVAC equipment needs to be serviced, and we’ll schedule service appointments to make sure we’re helping you at the most convenient times. During each one of these visits we will evaluate your equipment and alert you to any potential problems allowing you to decide on options and avoid future emergencies.

At Atech Refrigeration & Mechanical Services, our PMCs are customized to your specific needs. Contact us for more information.

Schedule Maintenance

Protect Your Investment – Whether you depend on us for refrigeration or HVAC, servicing your equipment at regular intervals is critical to maintaining the highest levels of performance.

To schedule an Atech professional for a maintenance visit, please complete our Maintenance Request Form. In case of an emergency please call 1.800.896.5655.